Slide Siege:

Eligible Classes:  VI-VIII
Number of Participants:  02


  • Participants are required to send their entries on
    slidesiege.csn@gmail.com  before 24th August 2020

  • The presentation has to be on the topic:
    ”Classroom Of Tomorrow / Data Security In India”

  • The presentation must contain 7-8 slides and can be
    made using any software

  • Selection will be based upon information, colour scheme/theme,
    graphics and tools used


  • Finalists will join our Discord server to compete

  • Topic of the presentation will be given on the spot

  • The presentation must contain 14-15 slides and can be made
    using any software

  • After making the presentation, the participants have
    to present it in 6-7 minutes

  • One student will handle the presentation while
    the other would present/describe their work


Amritanshu  (EVENT HEAD)

E-Mail: amritanshu5803@gmail.com