Eligible Classes:  XI-XII
Number of Participants:  01

Language: Python 3
Python interpreter requirement- 3.8 - 3.8.3


  • Preliminary round will be conducted online via website
    (website will be revealed during the prelims round) on
    23rd August, 2020 from 4:30 PM to 8 PM

  • Participation must be individual, any Team or Truce is not allowed

  • In case of doubts regarding credibility of submission,
     participants might be subjected to viva

  • Judgement will be based on grasp on logic, error detection
    or debugging skills, overall coding and time efficiency

  • Only 5 submissions will be selected for finals and
    decisions taken during the competition will be final

Finals :

  • Finals will be a 3 round based competition among
    the 5 selected participant

  • No extra time will be provided

  • Participants can be asked to explain their approach to code
    at any moment.

  • No custom IDEs can be used during the event



Nipun Mittal (EVENT HEAD)